NY Army National Guard Troops Conduct Local Area Training this Weekend

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Soldiers from Troop C, 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry Regiment conduct training operations with a F470 Combat Rubber Raiding Craft in Buffalo Sept. 2015.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (02/19/2016)(readMedia)-- New York Army National Guard Soldiers from Troop C, 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry will conduct reconnaissance training this weekend to sharpen their troop insertion, infiltration, reconnaissance and targeting skills.

The Soldiers are preparing to deploy this summer to Fort Polk, La., in support of a Joint Readiness Training Center training exercise with New York's 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

The JRTC is a culmination training exercise, resulting from years of training, planning, and preparation to hone the skills learned from previous unit deployments in one of the most demanding training environments. Known as a combat training center, the exercise is considered by troops as the "Super Bowl" of tactical training.

This weekend's training exercise will help teach and integrate new members of the troop to the mission and role of the cavalry trooper.

WHAT: Reconnaissance training for troopers of the 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry

WHO: Approximately 60 Soldiers from Troop C, 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry, based in Buffalo, N.Y.

WHEN: Media are welcome at 11 a.m. on Saturday, February 20. Training will run throughout the weekend for the Soldiers.

WHERE: The New York Army National Guard Youngstown Training Area, 1525 Balmer Road, Youngstown, N.Y. 14174

Media Opportunity:

Imagery of troop training at the Youngstown Training Area, showing cavalry troopers conducting their reconnaissance missions. The training is also expected to include an aviation insertion at the training site using New York Army National Guard helicopters. Interviews with troop leaders about the value of the training as the unit prepares for their JRTC rotation to Fort Polk this summer.

Members of the press must contact Staff Sgt. Kevin Helmbrecht at 716)-888-5603 or kevin.d.helmbrecht.mil@mail.mil to gain access to this secure military facility.

News media representatives should bring proper attire for the weather and field conditions to observe training.


Reconnaissance Training Mission for Troop C

Within the Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Squadron of the 101st Cavalry, based at Niagara Falls, the members of Troop C fill a unique role in combat operations.

Serving alongside the squadron's scouts, C Troop is a Dismounted Reconnaissance Troop with infantry Soldiers, trained for both the role of finding an enemy and engaging if necessary.

For the summer JRTC deployment, Soldiers from C Troop will be attached and train alongside fellow Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry, based in Utica.

Soldiers from Troop C at the Youngstown Training Area will receive an order and conduct their combat preparations, including mission planning, rehearsals and battle drills before moving to their unit objective. The unit focus is to make our weekend training as realistic as possible, explains Sgt. 1st Class Brian Tippett, the unit readiness sergeant.

"We are looking to upgrade the Army's definition of realistic combat training and provide the Soldiers a no nonsense view of combat scenarios," Tippett said of the unit's training preparations for JRTC and beyond.

The troops' opposing force for this weekend's training will come from the ROTC Cadets from Canisius College in Buffalo.

This opposing force, known as an OPFOR, will provide a realistic enemy for training, allowing for real decision-making and reactions by all the troops involved. While the OPFOR will be led by New York Army National Guard instructors, Tippett said, the cadets will be able to take the lead for their mission and will coordinate their effort with New York Army Capt. Robert Freed, the C Troop commander, to ensure training goals are achieved.

The training will employ the Army's Close Combat Mission Capability Kit, a modification to weapons that allows for close combat training by temporarily converting service weapons to fire low-velocity marking ammunition.

In support of the training will be aircrews from the Rochester Army Aviation Support Facility and the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade.

The unit also expects to also host New York State Senator Robert G. Ortt, from the 62nd Senate District, to observe the training. Ortt is a former New York Army National Guard officer deployed with the 101st Cavalry as a lieutenant to Afghanistan.

2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry

The New York Army National Guard's 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry is the reconnaissance element of the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. Knows as a RSTA-standing for Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition-- the squadron is configured to collect intelligence on the battlefield as the eyes and ears of the other elements of the brigade.

The Squadron was organized out of the 1st Battalion, 127th Armor when the New York Army National Guard reorganized in 2005 and 2006.

Soldiers of the 1-127th Armor served as security elements at military locations across the northeast as part of Operation Noble Eagle, following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The 2nd Squadron, 101st Cavalry served in Afghanistan in 2008, providing security forces at a number of installations. The unit has elements in Jamestown, Geneva, and the Masten Avenue Armory in Buffalo, as well as the Niagara Falls Armed Forces Reserve Center where Headquarters and Headquarters Troop is located.